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Borrowing Agreement

Thank you for your interest in borrowing scores from the Washington Men's Camerata's National Library of Men's Choral Music. Please read the terms and conditions of this loan agreement and have it signed by your ensemble's Artistic/Music Director. Upon receipt of your acceptance of these conditions we will promptly provide you with the requested scores, provided they are not currently in use by the Washington Men's Camerata or another borrower.

Request Information

Requester Information

The undersigned agrees by checking the consent box below:

  1. Payment: You will pay to the Washington Men's Camerata ("Camerata") a handling fee for processing this request. The handling fee is waived for requests by choruses within the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Otherwise, we will contact you to discuss payment for shipment.
  2. Duration of Loan: The requested scores will be returned to the Camerata on or before the date selected on this form.
  3. Returning Scores: Returned scores will be shipped to the Washington Men's Camerata by hand delivery, prepaid delivery by UPS or by first class U.S. Postage (note: UPS is the preferred method of shipment)
  4. Program Credit: If a program is issued in conjunction with a performance of any of the above mentioned works - the program page must contain the following statement in at least 12 point type: Scores for this performance have been provided by the Washington Men's Camerata's National Library of Men's Choral Music. A copy of the program(s) shall be sent to the Camerata at the address below along with the returned scores.
  5. Reimbursement: The undersigned agrees to replace or reimburse the Camerata for any lost or damaged scores.
  6. Markings: All new markings shall be made in pencil and erased prior to return.
  7. Performance Rights, Recordings & Clearances: Organizations wishing to borrow music under copyright MUST secure permission from the publisher or agent (see BMI/ASCAP # entered above) or from the composer or agent for unpublished works. Borrower affirms its understanding and agreement to secure such rights and clearances and assumes full responsibility for the payment of any royalties or fees for performances or recordings.
  8. Reciprocity: The undersigned agrees, to the extent possible, to extend to the Camerata and other men's choruses reciprocal courtesy.

Artistic Director's Concurrence*