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We're so glad you are interested in joining the Washington Men's Camerata.

We hold auditions twice a year in July and January. Our next set of auditions will be on July 27, 2024 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM. All auditions are by appointment only. We make every effort to see everyone who applies, time permitting, on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact our managing director Lawrence Reppert (managingdirector@camerata.com) for more information.

We are more than just a chorus. We are a community dedicated to creating an inclusive space where all feel welcomed and affirmed, regardless of race, age, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, or any other identity. We promote diversity and are devoted to reflecting the multicultural palette of the DMV in our membership and repertoire. We believe in the power of music to bring all people together.

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Things to know about being a WMC member

Why join?

Talented individuals join the Washington Men's Camerata because they have a genuine love for singing and performing. Our members also find the Camerata to be an accepting, welcoming community that values equality and individuality. For all those who join, the Washington Men's Camerata becomes a close-knit family — a wonderful place to meet people, make new friends, and engage in enjoyable and meaningful activities. Every member is on a personal journey of growth, and no matter where they are on that journey, the Washington Men's Camerata community is always there to provide support.

What musical knowledge or experience do you need?

While your natural singing talent is our primary focus, having a foundational understanding of reading music is considered essential due to our fast-paced rehearsal environment. Experience or training in singing, particularly in choral music, is highly preferred. Our group takes pride in the exceptional sound achieved through our members' diverse backgrounds. We welcome talented individuals eager to refine their innate abilities and encourage auditions for the Washington Men's Camerata, particularly those seeking to showcase their talents.

What to Prepare When You Audition

When you arrive, we'll ask you a few questions about why you want to join and your recent singing experiences, and then we will have you sing some scales to determine your range. The audition will consist of vocal exercises, sight-reading examples, and tonal memory tests.

Time commitment

Joining the Washington Men's Camerata does involve making a commitment. Our rehearsal schedule is listed below. Members are allowed to miss a limited number of rehearsals for work or family-related prior commitments, but they are responsible for making up any learning they missed in that week's rehearsal.

Financial commitment

For a one-year membership, dues are $200. This money goes towards the purchasing and licensing of sheet music, rehearsal space, staff, and venue rental. Dues are waived for current undergraduate students. Should paying dues present a financial hardship, the Camerata would be pleased to make an accommodation. Each member is individually responsible for purchasing and maintaining personal concert attire and a professional, black music folder. We ask members to participate in our ticket selling efforts, with a goal of selling at least three tickets to every concert.